February in SPO

All good things come in threes…

Wellness, whiskey, wandering 🙂 Ehm … I mean the North Sea in February is wide and wild and wonderful.

For sunbather perhaps it is nothing, but for bon vivants, for nature lovers, and also for families  St. Peter Ording in winter offers an exceptionally beautiful holiday. You can be good to yourself and get a really clear head. You will by blown and refreshed. For me it is the best time of the year.

February is indeed the coldest, but also the driest month of the year. Connected with high winds and endless blue horizon, it is easy to get lost in the vastness and to relax. Uninhibited lounging and culinary feasting is the February break in SPO.

The best pictures are created now

A walk on the beach in February in St. Peter Ording offers drama and romance – The dance of the gray clouds, the light breaking through and not least the wind  relentlessly pushes or stops you. Those wishing to take a North Sea holiday, have to adapt, not vice versa. If you do not know this spectacle, this winter will be the time to see it. And if you happen to be already a fan of winter on the North Sea, then share your wisdom with the new storm tourists perhaps at the bar of Noah’s ark.

Photo artist Michael Götze described a winter at the North Sea in these words: “The light has clarity and yet heat, the clouds a great drawing, and the island opens up to you lighter, than it does in the summer. Maybe because you enter with fewer expectations – and you get the rewards.” He actually said that about Sister Sylt, but it is probably true for any place at the sea.

Particularly beautiful pictures for the holiday album are guaranteed in February.


A bit of headwind is not harmful. And with the right clothes, there is no bad weather. Generally one can spend his holiday, his weekend, his time-out much with a more relaxed approach in winter. Everything is not that tragic, and if it is, then you simply turn around and go with the wind!

All the more comfortable it is inside when it is cold outside. The others think that too. Yes, SPO is not deserted. There are other people and you even you have something in common. They are also there, even in winter. And when you feel like it, it is much easier than in the summer to have a chat.

More time for the family

Warmly wrapped up you can always go for a walk outside, collect shells and enjoy the freedom and expanse of the North Sea. But that’s not all.
On Wednesdays the childs playhouse holds a play get- together. Until 4pm you can escape from bad weather here and play together. At the same location, small bakery and craft courses are given. Thus, Monday to Friday, there is always something going on.
Or a pure nature experience at farm Groth. A short trip there to marvel on animals is worthwhile.

February in SPO

The sandy beach is still many kilometers long in February and a walk through the tideland is also always nice. The salt breeze will push you in the last open stilt house. In Noah’s Ark, you get a warming whiskey, or other good stuff to strengthen you. After that, you could visit the Dunes Spa. A perfect day in February. Wandering, Whiskey and Spa 😉

All good things come in threes…

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