January in SPO

The best time in SPO

January in SPO

Just as the wind is at home on the North Sea, the “good intentions” are a matter of course at the turn of the year. That is why you are exactly right in January in SPO on the North Sea.

Winter in St. Peter-Ording bei der Bude54If you believe some statistics and your own environment, the German has been doing the same thing over and over again for years. First of all:
I’m not going to do anything – I won’t keep that anyway.” But quietly and secretly you hope that you will finally get fit and live healthier this year. One hopes for less stress and more time with family and friends and to travel a little more of the world.

Well, and you can fulfill these secret wishes in January. Then this is ticked off and you can happily sit back until the next turn of the year, after all all the resolutions have already been fulfilled.

Do more sport and live healthier

Clear plus for January in SPO! Have you ever done a storm hike? So a walk on the beach in January. Can you imagine the wind ruffling your hair, the spray of salt on your lips and your shoes sinking into the wet sand? And can you imagine how well you will sleep afterwards? Yes? Of course, because it’s exhausting. And that’s sport. And sport is healthy, just like the so-called stimulating climate at the Sea. As a storm tourist in January in SPO, after an hour of walking on the beach, you already met your first resolution.

Also in January in St. Peter-Ording, mudflat walks and nature tours at the North Sea Coast are only canceled from wind force 6. In the morning you can inquire about these at the tourist office and, in case of doubt, simply start trotting yourself. For example in the direction of the Robbarium or Noah’s ark. This is also open in winter and is only 1.5 km away in one of the famous stilt houses of St. Peter Ording.

On that occasion you can collect amber right away. The Gold of the North is particularly common after storms on the beach.

Sit there and think of nothing.

Frau im Winter in St. Peter-Ording bei der Bude54After Christmas and New Year’s Eve, an exciting last year and a strenuous start to the new, relaxation is needed. And it is clear that this can be found in SPO in January. St. Peter-Ording in balaclava only attracts fans to the place, no fair weather tourists. The maritime climate naturally ensures mild winters for you and so you can expect rustic comfort and wild nature. Thanks to the strong wind, even blue sky is not uncommon and rain showers are usually rather short. The fact that you are almost the only one on the beach is the disadvantage of the others, because you switch off, relax and recharge your batteries!

May you wanna present each other relaxation for Christmas? With this you beat the Christmas stress! And when the relatives make an effort, the roast fails and the fir tree tips over, you think of a Sunday afternoon on the promenade under a big blanket with gingerbread and cocoa in January in SPO. Less stress in the new year starts here. Resolution already fulfilled.

More time with the family

Deine Bude in der Bude54Wrapped up warm you can always go for a walk outside, collect shells and enjoy the freedom and vastness of the North Sea. But that’s not all.

On the “Schmidtnesday” (Schmidt is a famous game producer) there is a play area in the children’s play house. Until 4:00 pm you can escape together from bad weather every Wednesday. Small baking and handicraft courses are also given at the same location. So there is always something going on Monday to Friday.

There is pure nature in the Groth farm. A short trip there to admire animals is worthwhile. If you do this together, you can look forward to it together, laugh together and spend quality time together.

Actually implementing this resolution is probably the best thing you can do and the only unfulfilled resolution that would be a real shame.

January in SPO

The proverbially endless horizons are at home here. You can hardly see more of the world and the sea in any other place. It doesn’t always have to be a trip around the world. More spontaneity in everyday life, experience micro adventures and just come out. These are resolutions that are realistic and can be beautifully implemented in SPO in January. See more of the world.