Lighthouse St. Peter Böhl

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St. Peter-Ording is very multifaceted

In each of the four districts of Böhl, Dorf, Bad and Ording you will find several highlights that you should definitely see, e.g. the lighthouse St. Peter-Böhl.

Kleine Bude in der Bude54In Dorf, for example, you can visit the Amber Museum and in the southern part of the peninsula, in the district of Böhl, you will find the landmark of St. Peter-Ording.

With its height of 18.4 meters, the St. Peter-Böhl lighthouse may not necessarily be the largest, but it can be seen from a distance from the beach. How so? Because it stands in the middle of the dike and therefore has a raised position.

The round, red-brown brick lighthouse was built there in 1892 and functioned purely as a visual sight. It was not until 1914 that the beacon from the St. Peter-Böhl lighthouse, its lantern, was added. This has a range of almost 29 kilometers.

Would you like a walk on the beach?

Fahrräder am Strand von St. Peter-Ording bei der Bude54

Unfortunately it is not possible to visit the lighthouse St. Peter-Böhl from the inside. After a walk on the beach at Böhler Strand along the North Sea, you can go straight to the lighthouse and take a good look at it or simply take a seat in front of it and enjoy the sun. It is particularly great to watch a wonderful sunset from there.

The lighthouse St. Peter-Böhl is very easy to reach on foot or by bike over the dike. Therefore, after you have marveled at the landmark of St. Peter-Ording, you can easily bike back to the hotel or you walk through the salt marshes and along the beach back to Bude54.

Either way, it will be a wonderful trip in St. Peter-Ording, you can be sure of that! Have fun!