Lighthouse St. Peter Böhl

St. Peter-Ording is quite diverse. In each of the four districts Böhl, Dorf, Bad and Ording, you will find several highlights that should not to be missed by you.

For example, in the district Dorf, you can visit the Amber Museum and in the southern part of the peninsula, in the district Böhl, you will find the landmark of St. Peter-Ording.

The Lighthouse St. Peter Böhl is with its 18.4 metres height perhaps not the biggest, but from the beach, it is very good visible from afar. How so? Because it stands in the middle on top of the dyke and has a higher position.

In 1892, the round, reddish brown brick lighthouse was built there and had the function of a pure day sight sign. Not until 1914 then it got its beacon, its lantern. This has a range of almost 29 kilometres.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to visit the Lighthouse St. Peter Böhl from the inside. Nevertheless, you can go directly to the lighthouse and have a closer look at it, or you can simply sit in front of it and enjoy the sun after a walk on the Beach of Böhl along the North Sea. It is especially nice watching a beautiful sunset from there.

The Lighthouse St. Peter Böhl is very easy to reach on foot or by bike via the dyke. Therefore, after visiting the landmark of St. Peter-Ording, you can easily return to the hotel by bike or you walk through the salt marshes and along the beach back to our Bude54.

Either way, it is a wonderful trip to St. Peter-Ording; you can be sure about that! We wish you a lot of fun!

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