Lighthouse Westerheversand

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To get to the Lighthouse Westerheversand…

Freunde in St. Peter-Ording bei der Bude54…you have to take a 45-minute walk. But you will notice on your way that this way is beautiful. You walk through salt marshes and the beautiful dune landscape of the Eiderstedt peninsula and can simply surrender to nature in complete tranquility, enjoy the wind, always looking at the impressive Lighthouse Westerheversand.

With its picturesque appearance, it is not without reason the symbol of the Eiderstedt peninsula. From a distance, this red and white striped lighthouse with its two twin buildings on the right and left radiates a very special North Sea charm, which you cannot escape either.

Visiting? Sure!

If you would also like to visit the Lighthouse Westerheversand, this is only possible in conjunction with a tour. You can get the tickets for this at the information center in the parking lot. So buy the tickets there before you make your way to the lighthouse.

Deine Bude in unserer Bude54 in SPOWhen you have climbed the 157 steps of the Lighthouse Westerheversand built in 1906, you can enjoy a top-class view. With good visibility you can even see as far as Helgoland. The tour of the lighthouse and on the site is really great and you will learn a lot of interesting things about the lighthouse and coastal protection. For example, until 1978 the two houses were used by the lighthouse keeper. Today, community service providers from the Wadden Sea Protection Station live there.

This time you go back to the parking lot a different way. The historic Stockenstieg, a 45cm narrow path made of bricks, will lead you over three bridges directly through the salt marshes back to the mainland. From there you can continue to shape your day.

What do you feel like after visiting the Lighthouse Westerheversand? I would recommend a visit to one of the stilt houses typical of St. Peter-Ording. How about the beach bar Strandbar 54° Nord? There you can sit on the terrace in a deck chair with a delicious piece of cake and a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the sea and the salty air. Have lots of fun with it!