The Lighthouse Westerheversand

To reach the Lighthouse Westerheversand, you walk along a 45-minute way. This path is nice to walk because you stroll through salt marshes and the beautiful unspoiled dune landscape of the peninsula Eiderstedt. Enjoy the tranquillity of the nature, feel the wind and see the impressive Westerheversand Lighthouse coming nearer while walking.

Because of its picturesque appearance is it not for nothing the landmark of the peninsula Eiderstedt. Even from a distance radiates this red-white striped lighthouse with two twin buildings on its left and right a special inescapable North Sea-charm.

If you want to visit the Lighthouse Westerheversand also from the inside, you first have to get a ticket for a guidance. You can buy this ticket at the info-house standing near the car park. Afterwards you can set out for the lighthouse.

If you have then climbed the 157 steps of the in 1906 built Lighthouse Westerheversand, you will get a view extraordinaire. On a clear day, the view stretches to Helgoland. The guide in the lighthouse and on the site is great and you will get some interesting facts about the lighthouse and the coast protection. Such facts like those that until 1978 lighthouse keepers used the two houses. Nowadays, persons doing community service for the Wadden Sea Conservation Station are living there.

To return to the car park, you can use a different path. The historical Stockenstieg, a 45cm tight, made of clinker brick path will lead you over three bridges directly through the salt marshes back to the diked mainland. From there you can then continue your day.

What do you want to do after visiting the Lighthouse Westerheversand? I would recommend a visit of one of the typical St. Peter-Ording stilt houses. How about the stilt house Strandbar 54° Nord? There you can sit on the terrace in a deck chair with a delicious piece of cake and a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the sea and the salty air. Have fun!

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