November in SPO

The best time in SPO

November in SPO

November is November. But it doesn’t have to be gray. Especially at the sea everything is possible in terms of weather and the blue sky is only a good breeze away. We give all North Sea newbies a short introduction to “SPO in autumn”.Herbst in St. Peter-Ording bei der Bude54

We don’t even want to deal with the question of whether a holiday, a weekend, a trip to St. Peter-Ording in November is worthwhile. Most of you already know. A walk in the clear air in the “largest sandpit in Germany” arouses the anticipation of warm grog, waffles with hot cherries and a sauna. Honestly, the mere thought of all of this awakens the desire to travel. There is no question that the Nordic spark will jump into SPO in November.

Therefore, we are now dealing with a small overview of the numerous activities that are still possible in SPO in November.

Oh, nice…

In November in SPO you have the beach almost to yourself and the full attention of the waiters. Plus prices in all stores that are unthinkable in summer. I love the end of the season. Calm, clean air and a clear head are definitely included in November. You can supplement your holiday experience with the following tips:

From dancing at Gosch’s to live music with Lütt Matten or at the Sunset Soul After Work Party at the Beach Motel, you can celebrate the St. Peter-Ording dance tea. Further physical activity is also possible for non-ice bathers. The equestrian farm Immensee, for example, offers horse rides along the 12 km long beach. Since all the happiness on earth can be found on the back of a horse, you could try it out. The Dünen Therme also does not close over the cold months and even offers aqua fitness. Beach holidays are also possible in November.

Some may be surprised, but …

… almost all typical tourist offers are still open in October and November in SPO. City tours, carriage rides, mudflat walks and exhibitions will of course continue to take place. There are also events that only make sense in autumn.

Herbst in St. Peter-Ording bei der Bude54For example bird watching. The flocks of migratory birds pull directly over your heads, croaking. If that’s not the sound of autumn. Or take part in one of the numerous handicraft courses in the Amber Museum, in the gallery “Biller un Böker” and in the candle hall. There you are safe from rain and wind and create jewelry, watercolors and candles yourself.

Families don’t get bored either

Wrapped up warm you can always go for a walk outside, collect mussels and stop off in a cosy café to warm yourself up with cocoa and hot waffles.

Wohnzimmer in der Bude54But that’s not all. On the “Schmidtnesday” (Schmidt is a famous game producer) there is a play area in the children’s play house. Until 4:00 pm you can escape together from bad weather every Wednesday. Small baking and handicraft courses are also given at the same location. So there is always something going on Monday to Friday.

There is pure nature in the Groth farm. A short trip there to admire animals is always worthwhile.

November in SPO

Autumn is the holiday season for connoisseurs, for nature lovers, but also for families. Spends an exceptionally nice time, walking and browsing. St. Peter-Ording is entirely yours in November. Everything is possible.