October in SPO

The best time in SPO

October in SPO –

Usually there is no such blue

Herbst in St. Peter-Ording bei der Bude54Many holidaymakers have already discovered the very special magic that only lies over the North Sea in autumn. And we give all newbies a brief introduction to “October in SPO”.

We don’t even want to deal with the question of whether a vacation, a weekend, a trip to St. Peter-Ording in October is worthwhile. Most of you already know. In North Germany’s “largest sandpit”, the North Sea only starts to unpack its extensive color palette in October and a walk in the clear air arouses the anticipation for warm grog, waffles with hot cherries and a sauna. Honestly, the mere thought of all of this awakens the desire to travel. It is not a question. The Nordic spark also jumps into SPO in October.

That is why we are now going to take a brief look at the numerous events that often take place traditionally in October.

There is a lot to experience on the first weekend of this beautiful month. The large autumn market in St. Peter-Dorf is livened up by hobby artisans, art artisans and farmers’ market exhibitors. The market is now very popular with numerous visitors from the area and tourists from St. Peter-Ordings. That is also clear, because there is something for everyone and that is of great quality. Arts and crafts are represented with jewelry, high-quality leatherwork, felt, amber and woodwork. In addition, there are skin and hair care products. Does a sea buckthorn schnapps actually care for from the inside or should it rather be assigned to the physical well-being? There are plenty of them. Fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese and sausages from the farm and also something on hand to snack on.

From there you can stroll further…

…and watch the buggy kiters at the Regatta Open / Masterclass. The 90 best in Germany compete against each other and these rapid races are definitely worth a look. Or quite classic: let go kite flying! To be a child again, oh how beautiful!

Drachensteigen am STrand von St. Peter-Ording bei der Bude54Alternatively, there is a workshop on the beach for the children, where people shovel, pound and carve – exactly, sand sculptures are built together. In the “Sandiek sand sculpture workshop”, you can easily register for this leisure time fun.

And in the evening you go bopping. With Gosch. I haven’t been there myself, but if they have such good parties as fried fish at Gosch, I’ll be there next time.

It may surprise some, but …

… almost all typical tourist offers are still open in SPO in October. City tours, carriage rides, mudflat walks and exhibitions will of course continue to take place. There are also events that only make sense in autumn. For example bird watching. The flocks of migratory birds pull directly over your heads, croaking. If that’s not the sound of autumn. Or visit one or the other Thanksgiving, which is now taking place along with the supporting program in almost all locations across the Eiderstedt peninsula.

SPO becomes particularly attractive when the bathers withdraw.

Buggy kite regatta, beach sailing regatta, beginner courses in cross skating, horse riding, yoga, windsurfing and kite buggy. The list is long and almost every day you can do various water sports.

Plansch Bude in der Bude54To warm up or alternatively you can stop off and relax in the thermal baths in the Dünen-Therme. Or combine the pleasant with the pleasant and watch others do sports while you sit on one of the numerous sun terraces of the bars and restaurants wit tea. Of course, because of the autumn weather, these are not broken down, but only supplemented by a few cosy blankets.

October in SPO

Autumn is the vacation time for connoisseurs, for nature lovers, but also for active vacationers and those looking for relaxation. Don’t be afraid of the clear autumn air, but trudge along the beach, wrapped up thick, then the stress of everyday life is suddenly very far away and the holidayhappiness in October in SPO is very close.