The Salt Marshes

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Pure nature

The salt marshes of St. Peter-Ording are a natural transition from land to sea. On one side is the mud flats, on the other side the dike and in between the salt marshes.

Düne in St. Peter-Ording bei der Bude54This natural habitat offers specially adapted plants and animals a special home. Because the salt marshes of St. Peter-Ording are flooded by the sea, which is why a fluctuating and sometimes very high salt content only allows life for certain animals and plants.

The closer the salt marshes are to the Wadden Sea, the more barren the landscape and the less living things find a home there. Too often, this zone is flooded for several hours, so that only two flowering plants could settle there. In the siltation zone, the actual beginning of the salt marshes, the area is flooded only at elevated water levels, so that a greater variety of plants and animals can be found here. In the diversity zone, on the other hand, in which the salt marshes are rarely flooded by the salty sea water, the number of plant species has increased continuously, so that you can see a colorful bloom in spring and summer.

The salt marshes of St. Peter-Ording are a strictly protected habitat for approx. 50 bird species and almost 2000 species of insects and beetles. Here they can nest, breed and live in peace. If you are interested in ornithology, a tour through the salt marshes would be the right thing for you. You can watch the many different animals and plants in their special habitat very closely and also watch the birds breeding. Of course, you have to be very quiet so as not to disturb the natural silence and untouched nature.

An excursion into nature

Plansch Bude in der Bude54If the pleasant salty sea air was not enough for you on this excursion to the salt marshes of St. Peter-Ording and you would like to enjoy the extensive view even more, then visit the beach bar Strandbar 54° Nord. Sit outside on the sun terrace with a hot cup of tea and a delicious piece of cake and relax with a view of the endless expanses of the sea.

Since St. Peter-Ording is not that big, you can walk everything wonderfully. The half-hour walk from the Strandbar 54° Nord back to the hotel is the perfect end to this relaxing day in St. Peter-Ording. Make yourself really comfortable in your room in Bude54 and plan your trip tomorrow. How about a mudflat hike? Or would you rather look for amber? Or would you prefer a visit to the Amber Museum? However you choose, it will be another wonderful day in St. Peter-Ording!