The Salt Marshes of St. Peter-Ording

The salt marshes of St. Peter-Ording are a natural transition from land and sea. On the one hand, there is the mudflat, on the other hand, there is the dyke and there in between are the salt marshes.

This natural habitat is a special home for specially adapted plants and animals. The salt marshes are flooded by the sea, which is why this fluctuating and temporarily very high salinity enables a life only for certain animals and plants.

The closer the salt marshes are to the Wadden Sea, the more barren is the landscape and the less beings will find a home. This lower zone is flooded for several hours too often, so that only two flowering plants were able to settle there. In the siltation zone, the actual beginning of the salt marshes, the area is flooded only at higher water levels, so that here a larger variety of plants and animals can be found. Whereas in the upper zone, where the salt marshes are rarely flooded by salty seawater, the number of plant species has already continuously increased, so you can watch colourful blooms in the spring and summer.

The salt marshes are a strictly protected habitat for about 50 bird species and nearly 2,000 insect- and beetle species. Here they can calmly nest, breed and live. If you were interested in ornithology a guided tour through the salt marshes would be just the thing for you. Here you can observe different animals and plants in their specific habitat and also watch the birds during the breeding. Of course, for this you have to be very quiet that you do not disturb the natural tranquillity and unspoiled nature.

If the soothing salty sea air was not enough while this trip into the salt marshes and you wish to enjoy even more of the expansive view, then visit the stilt house restaurant Strandbar 54° Nord subsequently. Sit down on the sun terrace with a hot cup of tea and a delicious piece of cake and relax with a view of the vastness of the sea.

Because St. Peter-Ording is not that big, it is all walkable very well. The half-hour long stroll from the restaurant Strandbar 54° Nord back to the hotel is the perfect ending of this relaxing day in St. Peter-Ording. Make yourself comfortable in your room in the Bude54 and plan your tomorrow’s trip. How about a mudflat hike? Or do you want to look for amber? Or rather then directly visit the Amber Museum? Whatever you decide, it will be another wonderful day in St. Peter-Ording!


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