Strandbar 54Grad Nord

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In the city, you probably do not come up with the idea of doing a 30-minute-walk to somewhere. You rather take the bus, the S-Bahn or underground or you even go by car.

In St. Peter-Ording it is somehow different.

Is this due to the fresh sea air, the fact that you are on holiday or because of the unspoilt nature? Probably, it is a combination of all, because the half-hour walk from the hotel to the restaurant Strandbar 54° Nord will not seem to you that long at all.

Strandbar 54Grad Nord in ST. Peter-Ording bei der Bude54Our Bude54 is located in the district St. Peter-Bad. After a relaxing night, you can start out for exploring St. Peter-Ording. For example, 12 kilometres of sandy beach are waiting for you and it really does not matter whether it is raining or if the sun is shining, whether it is stormy or (for North Sea conditions) windless. Here on the beach, you can relax, unwind and forget everyday life. No, these are not hollow phrases! You will see which effect the North Sea will have on you.

The Strandbar 54 Grad Nord

In the northern part of the beach of St. Peter-Ording, the stilt house restaurant Strandbar 54° Nord is located. You can only reach this place by a pier, which can be flooded by high waves from time to time. The stilt house stands at this point already since 1911, but not in this size and facilities.

Familien Bude in unserer Bude54 in SPO

For example, you can comfortably sit at the crackling fireside on stormy and cold days, with a cup of hot tea and a delicious piece of cake. In good weather, you should definitely sit on the terrace, feel the sea breeze in your face, enjoy the sun and watch the surfers and kite surfers doing their tricks.

At high tide, you find yourself at a dizzy height amidst the North Sea, at low tide, you are then in the Wadden Sea and can watch from above the sand worms, as they make their typical small heaps.

Treat yourself to some fine seasonal food and enjoy the endless immensity of the North Sea.

To get back to the hotel, you walk along the pier again, past the salt marshes and then stroll along on top of the dyke back to our Bude54. It is said fresh air makes you tired. Therefore, you can look forward to your cosy bed in our hotel. Bude54 – “einfach nur schlafen” (Bude54 – “ just sleep”)!