Westküstenpark & Robbarium

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Westküstenpark & Robbarium

A pleasant walk, a ride by train or a relaxing cycling through St. Peter-Ording – This is how you can get from our Bude54 to Westküstenpark & Robbarium (West Coast Park & Sealarium). What can you do there? A lot!

Radtour auf dem Deich in St. Peter-Ording bei der Bude54For example, 2 times a day public feedings of the seals take place in the Robbarium. You can learn a lot from the keepers, because they are not only feeding, but also explaining how seals live and what makes them so endearing. You can also watch the seals through a glass window in the huge, with North Sea water-filled pool, how they flit through the water and play with each other.

But apart from the seals, you can see many other domestic and wild animals in the Westküstenpark & Robbarium, many of which are also endangered. Here, you can also watch daily feedings of pelicans, cormorants and turtles.

Ganz viele Tiere

In the Westküstenpark & Robbarium in St. Peter-Ording, large walkable aviaries stand between trees and water areas. Here you can get close to a variety of birds. Also in the meadow with the free-range donkeys, ponies, sheep and alpacas, you will not long stay alone. Well, how rough is the fur of an alpaca? Find it out and pet them!

Chill Bude in der Bude54

As you probably have noticed already, in the Westküstenpark & Robbarium some actions are offered. In addition, many attractions for children can be found here, such as a playground with a bouncy castle, a bumper car and many events such as at Easter.

Therefore, if you need a break from the beach, then a visit to the West Coast Park & Sealarium would be just the thing. Our hotel is not far away, so you are quickly back in the Bude54. However, if you do not want to miss a beach visit, then take the opportunity and make a side trip to the restaurant Strandbar 54° Nord. The stilt house restaurant offers not only delicious cakes and aromatic coffee, but also a breathtaking view of the sea.

Oh yes, St. Peter-Ording is simply dreamlike!