The Stilt Houses

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Characteristic stilt houses of SPO

St. Peter-Ording has a lot to offer. The approximately twelve kilometres long and almost two kilometres wide sand beach alone is impressive. In the summer, here you have enough space to spread your towels, beach shelters and beach chairs and to enjoy the sea and the warm sun. Also in the spring, autumn and winter, a walk along the beach of St. Peter-Ording in this wonderful scenery is always possible.
Pfahlbau am Strand von St. Peter-Ording bei der Bude54

At the five main bathing areas of the beach, you will find the characteristic stilt houses of St. Peter-Ording. There are always three stilt houses in a group consisting of the lifeguards with a beach chair renting, the toilets and a restaurant.

Formerly, the stilt houses were called “Giftbude” what comes from the local dialect “wat gift” (which means “there is something available there”). In 1911, when the first stilt house was built, the people mainly got cognac and sausages from there. Nowadays, five stilt house restaurants offer modern, seasonal and traditional cuisine.

In the middle of the sea …

The special thing about the stilt house restaurants is that you are quasi in the sea, in the middle of the North Sea. Because, you can only reach the stilt houses that are standing in the Wadden Sea via a long footbridge. Inside the restaurant you are about eight metres above the sandy soil and depending on how high is the flood, the bridge could be flooded. Just visit the stilt houses and forget the world around you.Kleine Bude in der Bude54

For example, the stilt house restaurant “Strandbar 54° Nord” is located in the northern part of the beach. On its terrace, you can enjoy the sunset and the unique view of the sea while sitting on cosy lounge chairs. Should it be somewhat cooler, you can go inside and relish your coffee and delicious piece of cake in front of the fireplace.

Following this, you can then saunter back to the hotel. Enjoy your walk along the beach and the path through the dunes and salt marshes to our hotel Bude54 where you then can calmly let the day fade away in a cosy atmosphere.