The Wadden Sea

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The Wadden Sea –

Simply impressive!

Wattenmeer in St. Peter-Ording bei der Bude54The North Sea impresses with its expanse and rough character. You will see what I mean when you walk along the long, almost endless sandy beach of St. Peter-Ording and simply breathe in the clear sea air. Despite the wind and the waves, despite the spray and the screeching seagulls, the North Sea exudes a calm that is indescribable.

And so is the famous Wadden Sea of ​​St. Peter-Ording. On the surface, the Wadden Sea may seem barren, flat and without a contour. But that’s not exactly how it is. Because when the sea retreats and reveals the seabed, you can discover the true treasures of nature.

On a walk across the mudflats…

…you get a soothing foot massage when walking barefoot. You can search for amber, find shells and watch crabs sneak past. The typical and characteristic small stilt houses in the Wadden Sea from St. Peter-Ording are incidentally from the lugworms. The mudflat guides tell you everything important and exciting about the Wadden Sea and show you how beautiful the Wadden Sea can be with its endless expanse.

Mini Bude in der Bude54If you’d rather see the Wadden Sea dry-footed, then visit one of the five stilt houses in St. Peter-Ording. Here you can look at the extensive Wadden Sea at a height of 8 meters above the sandy bottom and observe how the sea is slowly recapturing its space. The beach bar Strandbar 54° Nord is particularly suitable for this, because here you can have a great view of the natural spectacle, which is repeated twice a day, on a huge terrace in sun loungers, beach chairs or on benches. With a cup of aromatic coffee and a delicious piece of cake, you can lose yourself up there in the vastness of the North Sea.

To get back to the hotel, you simply walk through the salt marshes and dunes and you have arrived in your Bude, where you can relax and end the evening.