February in SPO

The best time in SPO

February in SPO

All good things … spa, whiskey, mudflat hiking. Um … I mean the North Sea in February is wide and wild and wonderful.

Winter in St. Peter-Ording bei der Bude54It may be nothing for fair-weather holidaymakers, but for experts, for nature lovers, but also for families, St. Peter Ording offers an exceptionally beautiful holiday in winter. You can let yourself go and get a really clear head again. You will be blown through and refreshed. It’s the best time of the year for me.

February is the coldest, but also the with lowest precipitation month of the year. Combined with strong wind and endless blue horizon, it is easy to lose yourself in the distance and relax. Unashamedly lazing around and culinary delights means a break in SPO in February.

The best pictures are now being shot

A walk on the beach in February in SPO offers drama and romance – the dance of gray clouds, the breaking light and last but not least the wind, which relentlessly pushes or stops. If you want to spend your vacation on the North Sea, you have to adapt, not the other way around. If you don’t know this spectacle yet, it will be time this winter. And if you are already a fan of winter on the North Sea, then maybe share your wisdom with the new storm tourists at the bar Strandbar 54Grad Nord.

Photo artist Michael Götze once summed up the winter on the North Sea in these words: “The light has clarity and yet warmth, the clouds a great drawing, and the island opens up more easily than it does in summer. Maybe because you use it enters with less expectation – and that rewards them.” He said that about Sister Sylt and not about St. Peter-Ording, but it probably applies to every place at the Sea.
Particularly beautiful pictures for the holiday album are guaranteed in February.

Pfahlbaurestaurant in St. Peter-Ording bei der Bude54Sort yourself again

A little headwind doesn’t hurt. And with the right clothes, there is no such thing as bad weather. In general, you can enjoy your vacation, your weekend and your time out much more relaxed in winter. It’s not all that tragic and if so, you just turn around and go with the wind.

It is all the more cozy indoors when it is cold outside. Others see it that way too. Yes, SPO is not extinct in winter and you have one thing in common with the other holidaymakers. They are there too, even in winter. And if you feel like it, it is much easier than having a chat in summer.

The month of lovers

February 14th is known to be Valentine’s Day. Long-time couples and newly in love all seem a little bit more in love on this day than they already are. For this very reason, St. Peter-Ording devotes a whole week to Valentine’s Day.
The warmth of the people shines towards you everywhere and nobody can escape this pull. Love is everywhere … Who sang that again?! Anyway…

For a whole week in February you can romp around in SPO and do great things every day, sit comfortably around the campfire and have a bite to eat, dance the night away or even take a dance class so that it is possible to make an impression at the party in the evening ! And in the classic way, delicious and romantic menus await you in the restaurants and themed events.

February in SPO actually has a lot to offer!

More time with the family

Familien Bude in unserer Bude54 in SPOWrapped up warm you can always go for a walk outside, collect shells and enjoy the freedom and vastness of the North Sea. But that’s not all.

On the “Schmidtnesday” (Schmidt is a famous game producer) there is a play area in the children’s play house. Until 4:00 pm you can escape together from bad weather every Wednesday. Small baking and handicraft courses are also given at the same location. So there is always something going on Monday to Friday.

There is pure nature in the Groth farm. A short trip there to admire animals is worthwhile.

February in SPO

The sandy beach of St. Peter-Ording is miles long in February, too and wading is always possible. The salt breeze drives you into the last managed stilt house. In Arche Noah you get a warming whiskey, but also some other things to strengthen yourself. Then it could go on to the Dünen-Therme. This invites you to spa. A perfect day in February in SPO.